COVID-19 is a universal crisis and, for many children, the impact will be lifelong.

More than 34 million people across the developing world are facing severe-to-extreme levels of hunger.

Urgent action is needed NOW! They need our help. 

@compassion has pledged to help 70,000 children in crisis suffering due to the pandemic with essential resources to survive. Will you join us? You can help by donating today at the link in our bio. 

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The economic impact of COVID-19 has led to severe and widespread global food instability, affecting vulnerable children and families in the developing world.

The pandemic has left millions children on the brink of starvation as a result of spiraling unemployment and economic disruption.

Thankfully, pro-athletes in the USA have partnered with @compassion to #fillthestadium to provide support and feed these children & their families. You can help too by donating at the link in our bio. Make a difference today.

Huge shoutout to Cayce, South Carolina 🙌🏼
We're sure those who hail from Cayce know pro-offensive guard, @bulldozier78 of the @vikings!
But did you know Dakota and his wife have been helping children in poverty who are suffering from the effects of the pandemic in developing countries? And did you know you can join them in their efforts?
Team up with us and save lives. Donate now in the link in our bio. 

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What seems so minor to so many of us, can be life-changing for others. 

When a simple bowl of rice causes such immense joy in a child's life, we must take notice and we must take action. 

At @compassion we are committed to helping 70,000 children and their families through our #fillthestadium campaign. Because these children should not be worried about where their next meal is coming from. They should be out there just being kids - going to school and playing with family and friends and not bearing the burden of hunger.

Will you help these children in crisis in the developing world? You can by donating today at the link in our bio.
We are so close!!!! 🙌 ✝️

Because of your incredible support, we have been able to feed tens of thousands of children and their families who are suffering from the economic impact of the pandemic in the developing countries. 

And now we only have 13,839 seats left to fill!

Together we can do this 💪🏻 Donate today in the link in our bio #fillthestadium